As Ben Franklin said, “When the well is dry we know the worth of water.”

Supplying water for our communities for the long term takes securing reliable water reserves and creating a strategic plan to manage our most valued resource… water. With planning and strategy that looks 50-100 years down the road, we want to ensure a plentiful and cost-effective water supply now and long into the future.


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Planning for The Best Water in Texas has been happening in our community for over 75 years. The San Jacinto River Authority serves the entire San Jacinto River watershed. We conserve and protect the water resources of the San Jacinto River Basin throughout all or part of seven Texas counties including Montgomery, Fort Bend, Waller, Grimes, Walker, San Jacinto, and Liberty.

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Lake Conroe

Our primary mission in the Conroe area:

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    Operations and maintenance of the Lake Conroe Dam
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    Preservation of Lake Conroe as a reliable water source
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    Long-term water supply planning
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    Licensing and permitting
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    Invasive aquatic plant management
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    Water quality initiatives
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The Woodlands

We undertake the following work in the area of The Woodlands:

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    Groundwater production and distribution
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    Water systems operations and management
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    Wastewater treatment
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    Outreach programs - educating youth
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In the Highlands we undertake a raw water enterprise which covers:

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    Water supply planning and development
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    Responsible for projects to develop new water supplies
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    Coordinate a water supply program


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Groundwater Protection

We work to find efficient, cost-effective solutions in reducing regional reliance on groundwater. Regional partnerships working together for alternative water supply make this possible.

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SUBSIDENCE solutions

Land subsidence occurs when large amounts of groundwater have been excessively withdrawn from an aquifer. SJRA works to find and develop solutions to help our communities avoid subsidence.

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Future planning

We partner with stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels to plan for the future of every community we serve by working to secure, protect, and preserve water resources for the years to come.

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Flood mitigation

Located at Lake Conroe, the Flood Management Division develops short-term and long-term regional flood management strategies. We partner closely with federal, state, and local government entities to achieve our goals.


Planning ahead for the next 50-100 years, the SJRA team is specifically equipped to take on large scale, complex, highly technical projects for our customers and the communities we serve. With our long history in water supply development and planning, our goal continues to be to provide timely and efficient solutions to the watershed's current and future water challenges.

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